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tor security

Tor is hugely popular among internet users who wants to remain anonymous while browsing various website. People who are concerned about invasion of their privacy uses tor along with different VPN solution. The least one can expects Tor to do is hide their original IP address while using internet. So it may come to you as surprise, a recent vulnerability has been found in Tor, that exposes the original IP address of Tor users.

A Security Firm named We Are Segment has managed to identify a serious vulnerability in Tor Browser. Named as TorMoil, this issue was found in Firefox. But since Tor browser is based on Firefox platform at its core, it also been affected by the same security issue.

This happens when a user clicks on an address, which is like file://link instead of http://link or https://link. If that happens the end user gets connected to the website or remote host bypassing security protocol of Tor Browser.

Strangely, this vulnerability was only found in browser of MacOS and Linux platform. Windows platform browsers wasn’t affected by this security issue.

Tor Developers have published an emergency update to fix this issue. All Tor users from MacOS and Linux platform are advised to update their browsers immediately.

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