IT Security Consultancy
Expert Guidance That Counts.

Today’s organizations are facing huge challenge in ensuring Information Security . They are forced to shift from pure compliance oriented approach to a broader security management strategy. It involves multiple concerns in decision and policy making to have a more efficient security posture in place. This approach requires security consultancy from highly skilled and experienced security professions who understands your pain points and guide you in having a highly efficient security posture at a reduced cost.

Guiding You in Enhancing Security Posture and Aligning Security Policy with Business Goals!

Trustaira is always there to guide you in your every Information Security concerns to make you protected and ensure that you get maximum effectiveness and value from your security investment. Organizations seek our advice to shape strategic security planning and policy making. We have the knowledge and expertise to support your security posture. As a trusted partner, our services are delivered by teams of seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience and deep expertise in Security and IT risk management.

Our security consultancy service is built around these focal points:

Discover  Understanding the Vulnerabilities and Risk.

Remediate Build A Proper Risk Mitigation Plan and Apply It.

Educate Educating Concerned People and Employees.

Manage Have A Proper System for Assuring Security.

We offer the following consultancy services:

  • Cyber Security Master Planning
  • Cyber Security Audit / Study
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Cyber Security Project Management
  • Cyber Theft Prevention
  • Security Systems Integration