VAPT Utilities & Tools

Find out your security weakness before the hackers do with world renowned VAPT tools

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) consists of a series of activities where both manual and software tool based automated activities are performed. Along with proper domain expertise and experience, right selection of software utilities and tools is very important for making any VAPT project successful. Now a days, every organization is trying to achieve their own vulnerability and penetration testing capability at least to some extent. This is because they do not want to rely entirely on third parties for this important aspect of cyber security. Internal cyber security team can achieve this capability by using their own VAPT tools licensed to them.

Internal and external cyber security auditors, consultants and penetration testers are the major users of these VAPT utilities and tools. Both commercial and free VAPT tools are available in the market. Though free tools are generally good, the commercial tools provide better functionalities and value to the customers because of the added features and usability.

As a part of our commitment towards providing leading cyber security solutions to our customers in Bangladesh, we hace partnered with world leading VAPT utilities and tools vendors like Rapid7, Acunetix, Portswigger, ApexSQL, Fasso etc. Rapid7 is the only company in the world having both vulnerability management (Nexpose) and penetration testing (Metasploit) solutions that are globally recognized solutions. Acunetix is a renowned web vulnerability management solution. Portswigger is the developer of Burp Suite, a good web vulnerability assessment tool. Fasoo is the developer of renowned source code analysis solution, Sparrow. ApexSQL provides a set of SQL Server tools and utilities. Trustaira is the only cyber security partner for HP Inc. for reselling their Printer Security solution in Bangladesh.