SIEM Solutions & Security Operation Center (SOC)
Build  Next-Gen Cyber Security Operation Center (SOC) with Leading Security Analytics & SIEM Platform

A good Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution works at the center of your security framework and can help you protect the valuable IT assets as well as your precious data, while helping you meet the most stringent compliance requirements and internal controls. A Security Operation Center (SOC) is the organizational capability in the form of a centralized facility and unit to detect and respond to cyber threats and incidents.  The purpose of a SOC is to monitor, detect and respond to cyber attacks and threats.Traditional SOCs make use of a good SIEM solution at its core.


LogRhythm SIEM and Security Analytics Platform




With the continuously changing cyber threat landscape, only SIEM solution is not enough for a modern SOC. A Next Generation SOC requires something more than a traditional SIEM. LogRhythm Security Analytics platform comes bundled with a leading SIEM solution along with multi-dimensional UEBA, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), built-in incident response capability, integrated case management with detailed forensics  and deep packet  analytics solution.


Establishing a modern Security Operation Center (SOC) with limited resources is not a big challenge any more. Trustaira can help you face the security challenges by helping you establish a modern SOC using industry leading Security Analytics and SIEM platform with unparallel threat intelligence, LogRhythm Threat Life Cycle (TLM) Platform to meet the unique demands of your business.


LogRhythm is recognised by industry analysts Gartner, Forrester, SANS and Bloor as “Leaders” and “Best in Class” validating LogRhythm’s commitment to the customers, providing them with a world class SIEM solution.


LogRhythm enabled SOCs meet all these five (5) major criteria of a Modern SOC defined Gartner.

  1. Build an Adaptive Architecture
  2. Leverage Advanced Analytics
  3. Automate Your Responses whenever Feasible
  4. Integrated Threat Intelligence
  5. Hunt and Investigate

Analysing all available log and machine data and combining it with deep forensic visibility at both the host and network level delivers true visibility. The integrated architecture ensures that when threats are detected, customers can quickly access a global view of activity, enabling exceptional security intelligence and rapid response. LogRhythm Threat Life Cycle Management (TLM) platform is the ideal choice for security monitoring and SOC enablement.


The following solutions are integrated with LogRhythm Threat Life Cycle Management (TLM) Platform:

  • NexGen SIEM & Log Management Solution
  • Multi-dimensional (User, Host, Network, Endpoint, Host) UEBA Solution
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and Registry Integrity Monitoring (RIM)
  • Integrated Case Management with Detailed Forensics Capability
  • Workflow enabled Automated Response & Orchestration via Smart Response™
  • Endpoint Threat Analytics, monitoring & Forensics


LogRhythm NetMon bundles the following solutions:

  • Network Behavioral Analytics
  • Deep Packet Analytics for Network Traffic
  • Robust Network Forensics

NetMon has both commercial and Freemium versions. Both are full functional versions. Freemium version lacks integration with SIEM solution.


Rapid7 insightidr SIEM logo





Some customers do not like to invest in building their own security operation center and avoid the hassle of managing a whole infrastructure their own. We have the right solution for them. Rapid7 InsightIDR is a managed SIEM platform which can be used on subscription basis. Well recognized by Gartner, SC Magazine and other prestigious 3rd party reviews, InsigthIDR lets you transform your data into actionable insight to protect your infrastructure.


Gartner recognized InsightIDR combines the capabilities of SIEM, EDR, and UBA to get more out of your existing security and network investments and expand monitoring to include endpoints, logs, and cloud services. With InsightIDR, you can reliably detect compromised accounts and attacks from insiders and intruders masking as employees. You will also get both User and Attacker Behavior Analytics.

Rapid7 InsightIDR delivers these features and capabilities:

  • Attacker Behavior Analytics
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Log Correlation, Enrichment, and Search
  • Endpoint Detection and Visibility
  • Visual Investigation Timeline
  • Deception Technology