Who We Are

Cyber security is not simply a product you just can buy, but it is something that should be built end-to-end.  Trustaira Limited is a specialized Information & Cyber security company based in Bangladesh .It was founded specially to provide organizations with Information and cyber security resources and services. Our end-to-end end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services and solutions are focused to protect our clients’ information, IT infrastructure, networks, applications and databases against external/internal intruders and hackers.

Due to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of Information Technology, the challenge to ensure Information and cyber security changes rapidly over time and becomes harder day by day. Continuous dedicated efforts from highly qualified domain experts are needed to face these challenges. Unlike other solution providers in Bangladesh, Trustaira focuses only on Information and cyber security  as its primary business domain.

Trustaira provides different cyber security related solutions & services to the clients to meet their needs for security, visibility, compliance, and performance. Our focus is on providing end-to-end security solutions to cover the all the Information security requirements of our customers.


Our mission is to serve our valuable clients with the highest-quality services in ensuring Information and cyber security and exceeding our clients’ specific and customized security needs by turning our knowledge and expertise into a value for their own benefit.


Our vision is to be the first choice and the most trusted Information and Cyber Security service provider. We want to be the consistently growing market leader in Information Security in the corporate and public sectors by doing proper investments in technology, human resources, and infrastructure.

Core Values

Customer First

Customer is the priority in everything, always and without exception.


We believe in Gaining customer trust is the No.1 goals. We are always honest to our customers, employees, vendors and partners.


We fulfill all our commitments and do what we say. We always comply with contracts and law. We believe in open and honest communication.


We are committed to the highest professional standards for the protection of our clients’ confidential information.


We take full responsibility in all our works and actions. We are accountable for our actions and words. We acknowledge our mistakes and are open to constructive criticism.


We focus on setting and achieving very high standards in Information security services. Nothing less than Excellence is acceptable for us.