SIEM Solutions
Enjoy Peace of Mind with World Leading SIEM Solutions


Trustaira can help you face the security challenges through integrated technologies, unparalleled threat intelligence, collaboration with industry leader security companies and highly flexible security solutions designed to meet the unique demands of your business. A good SIEM solution works at the center of your security system and can protect your valuable IT assets as well as your precious data, while helping you meet the most stringent compliance requirements and internal controls.

We have collaborated with the leading SIEM solution vendors like LogRhythm to deliver the best to our customers.


LogRhythm is recognised by industry analysts Gartner and Bloor as “Leaders” and “Best in Class” validating LogRhythm’s commitment to the customers, providing them with a world class SIEM solution.


Analysing all available log and machine data and combining it with deep forensic visibility at both the host and network level delivers true visibility. The integrated architecture ensures that when threats are detected, customers can quickly access a global view of activity, enabling exceptional security intelligence and rapid response. LogRhythm uniquely provides the actionable intelligence and incident response capabilities required to address today’s most sophisticated cyber threats.


Major Features of LogRhythm SIEM solution:

  • Fast Advanced Threat Detection
  • Priority Based Risk Management
  • Advanced AI Engine
  • Accelerated Threat Management Workflow
  • High-Performance Log Management
  • Orchestrated and Automated Incident Response
  • Power Search for Threats and Incidents with Precision
  • Automated Machine Analytics
  • High-Performance Log Management
  • Network and Endpoint Monitoring
  • Case and Security Incident Management
  • Enforce Continuous Compliance
  • Real-Time Continuous Activity Monitoring
  • File & Registry Integrity Monitoring
  • Large Enterprise Scalability
  • Holistic Approach for Security